Line Driver

We have partnered up with Pedalværkstedet, to bring you a Line Driver/Dual Buffer/Pedalboard interface unmatched in both sound and built quality! 

Clean Up Your Tone:
The Felby Boards Line Driver is handmade and all parts are meticulously selected for the highest possible soundquality. No compromises and no nonsense. It will preserve the clean crisp sound of your guitar to perfection and eliminate tone suck, even through long cables and several true bypass pedals. The dual buffer design ensures that your signal is perfect both going into your pedals and from your pedalboard into your amp.

Buy it here: Line Driver

Line Driver 1
Line Driver 2

Pedalboard Interface:
The Line Driver is designed to be an in/out hub, making access to your pedalboard input and output easy, for a fast and smooth setup in live situations (your tech will love you!).

Technical Data:
Input impedance above 1M ohm
Output impedance below 100 ohm
Powered by 9 volt 100 mA, standard center negative 2.1 mm barrel plug.
Handmade in Denmark

Line Driver 5