Custom Setup

At Felby Boards we do high quality custom pedalboard setups at very reasonable prices. No job too big or small. 

Use the contact form to get in touch and tell us your needs and we'll get back to you to discuss details and price.

To give you an idea of the costs, we have put some of our previous work, with prices, below.

If you want to come by our workshop in Allerød and have a chat about a custom setup, you are more than welcome. Just get in touch and we'll be ready for you.


We have a wide variety of pedalboard solutions to fit any need you might have. Below you can see some of our work and what they cost. We can make anything happen, so don't hold back on the crazy and elaborate ideas. For the exact price of your board write us an email and we´ll get back to you.


If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to write us down below, on Facebook or Instagram. If you need in-person advice, you are more than welcome to stop by our workshop in Allerød. Just remember to write us in advance, so we can make sure someone is here to help you.


Custom Setup 1


New Patch cables using Square Plugs SP500 and Mogami 2319.
Stereo cable using Cordial CMK 222 cable and SP550-s for external footswitch.
Fitted DC cables.
Power Supply mounted underneath.
GFI Specular Tempus firmware update, setup of footswitch and a couple of presets.
Setup, cables zip tied, Dual Lock on all pedals and a few tweaks here and there.

Price: 1800 DKK

JB2 1
JB2 3
JB2 2
JB2 4
JB2 5
JB2 6

Custom setup 2


New patch cables using Mogami 2319 and Square Plugs SP500 and SPS5 connectors.

TRS patchcables using Mogami 2552 and Square Plugs SP550-s.
Fitted DC cables.

Wood work to elevate and/or stabilize pedals.

Powersupply mounted underneath.

Setup, cables zip tied, Dual Lock on all pedals and a few tweaks here and there.

Price setup only: 4800 DKK

jacob krogholt 1r
jacob krogholt 5
jacob krogholt 3
jacob krogholt 4

Custom Setup 3


New patch cables using Mogami 3348 and Hicon connectors.
DC cables cut to lenght and soldered on new connector.
Cordial CMK 222 cable with Hicon stereo connectors for the ext footswitch.
MIDI cable cut to length and soldered on new connector.
Basic setup of RJM PBC 6x, including MIDI setup for the Specular Tempus and a firmware update.
Setup and cables zip tied.

Price: 3000 DKK

Custom made Pedalboard

Type 1

61*35 cm (2nd tier 34.5*12 cm)

Made from 12mm birch plywood and aluminium.
Including handles, rubberfeet and pedalboard bridge.

Price: 1000 DKK


Custom made Pedalboard

Type 2

43*25 cm

Made from 12mm birch plywood
Including rubberfeet and Tesa Extra Strong velcro

Price: 400 DKK